Massage for Regular People

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Sexual Harassment:
Sexual advances or comments made before or during the massage towards your therapist will terminate your session immediately with full payment due, you will be banned from making further appointments and you will be served with a termination of service letter to your home address.

If you are from the big city, we don't do "happy endings" or "outcalls" here--Go back where you came from. If you are just a local pervert, who expects more than a massage, expect to be pepper-sprayed instead and then we will call 911.

Booking Policy:
You must book your appointment with a valid credit card # or gift certificate #. No exceptions.

Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:
Cancellations and reschedules that are made less than 24-hours in advance may be charged a $20.00 fee or up to 100% of the cost of the massage if the appointment cannot be filled. This is up to the discretion of the individual therapist. Clients who are late for their appointment will receive only the remainder of their appointment time.

Payment Policy:
We no longer offer a cash discount. We use Square as our processor, and will add a 3% surchage to every credit card charge. If you wish to avoid this surcharge, please plan to pay in cash. We also do not accept $100 bills as payment, as we try keep cash on hand low, in case of theft. We reserve the right to refuse checks that are from new clients, not local, low numbered or without proper ID (driver's license).

Please bathe, scrub your back and wash your hair the morning of your appointment and after you work out. It is not ok to "save your shower for after your massage". Your skin produces new cells, replacing itself every thirty days. You know those dust bunnies around your house? Those are 90% dead skin cells. If you don't scrub frequently, during a massage, those layers of dead skin cells and old sweat on your back will pill up like an old fuzzy sweater. Ew. We reserve the right to refuse the appointment, with full payment due, if you don't.

Appointment Times:
We do not split up appointments. Two half hours take two sets of sheets, twice the lotion, and almost double the time that a one hour massage takes. It will make the next client's appointment start late, the therapist may miss their break or be unable to leave on time, and will cause everyone involved to rush.

Gift Certificates (GCs):
GCs are good for one year--please plan ahead to make your appt. We will not extend our hours or reschedule other clients in order to get you in before your GC expires. You need the GC # to make your appointment, it must be present for payment after, and GCs that have expired cannot be redeemed.

We no longer offer self-service gift certificates, due to theft. We also don't sell gift certificates at the office for cash or check--they are only available online. If you've lost the gift certicate code, we can look it up and re-send the # via email, but only to the person who purchased it.

No cash refunds will be given for GCs. You can't get a cash refund from large corporations (like Walmart, etc) for a gift card, so why would you expect a small business like ours to be able to do that? Just saying.

GCs cannot be split by time, only by dollar amount. For instance, you cannot use a one-hour GC for two half-hour sessions. You can however, use your one-hour GC towards shorter sessions--for example, a 30-min appt can be paid for with a 60-min GC, with a remainder to be used later.

Under 18?
If you are under 18, your parent must come in with you to sign their consent. We will not accept text messages, phone calls or handwritten notes. However, if your parent is a regular client of Bodyology, we can make exceptions to this rule--ask the therapist. If the parent is making an appointment for a child under driving age, the parent must stay in the reception area, or in the room with that child.

If you have small children and are getting a massage, please arrange for child care at another location. We do not allow children under the age of twelve to wait in the reception area, or to be present in the massage room during the appointment. This will allow you, as well as other customers, to relax and enjoy the massage.

Cell Phones:
Please turn off or mute your cell phone or leave it in the car. If you are in the reception area and choose to use your phone, speak quietly or exit the building to take the call. Please be considerate of our other clients.